PS5 shortage finally over claims PlayStation CEO as console sales top 30 million

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PlayStation 5 (Image: Photo by Kerde Severin on Unsplash)
PlayStation 5 (Image: Photo by Kerde Severin on Unsplash)

If you've tried and failed to pick up a PlayStation 5 so far, then your luck might be about to change, as the CEO of PlayStation has claimed that the console shortage is over.

At CES 2023, Sony announced that it has officially sold 30 million PS5 units since its release in 2020. When the console first came out, the company stated that they had a lifetime goal of selling 100 million PS5s in total, which means they are almost a third of the way there after the increase in sales in December 2022.

This increase in recent sales is likely due to the long-term worldwide supply issue of the console being resolved back in November, which Jim Ryan, PlayStation CEO, confirmed at the PlayStation Partner Awards in Japan.

In the keynote at CES, Ryan only further confirmed that the supply issues are resolved, saying that it should be 'much easier' (via CNET ) to find PS5 stock now, no matter where in the world you are. He also expects that availability should only increase as we move forward.

Right now it is already much easier to find PS5 stock in the UK, with many retailers stocking bundles and the console itself in-store but online availability is still a bit shaky in certain areas. This is somewhat different in the US where some states are still not seeing stock in-store or online.

PSVR 2 is already losing to the Meta Quest 2 in the VR headset battle rridqziqtqitinvPSVR 2 is already losing to the Meta Quest 2 in the VR headset battle

Is picking up a PS5 worth it?

Some gamers had given up trying to get their hands on the console after stock issues. Resellers were listing the PS5 for as high as £1000 and with some families desperate to get their hands on one, they were paying the enormous cost.

The actual retail cost of the digital console comes in at £389.99 / $399 / AU$599.99 and the disc edition costs £479.99 / $499.99 / AU$749.99 With more stock coming out across the board, it feels more realistic to be able to get the console for this lower price point rather than the insane scalped cost.

There is a wide range of titles which are exclusive to PS5 including God of War Ragnarok which won PS5 Game of the Year, Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Horizon Forbidden West. For many gamers, these titles alone are reason enough to pick up a PS5. For those who are looking for an entry point into gaming, the PS5 could be a great option as it comes in cheaper than the Xbox Series X and much less than a full Gaming PC which would provide the same performance.

And if another factor you may want to consider is power consumption then we've rounded up the electricity usage of the PS5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch so you know what the best option is for you.

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