Myprotein unveil a range of frozen meals at Iceland which start from just £3.50

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With prices from just £3.50, and protein portions up to 60g per serving - this Myprotein and Iceland collaboration has come at the right time!
With prices from just £3.50, and protein portions up to 60g per serving - this Myprotein and Iceland collaboration has come at the right time!

Are you on a new health kick this January? Or just want to up your protein intake? Well now you can as Myprotein are offering those with a busy lifestyle the perfect protein hit with a range of frozen meals - exclusively at Iceland and The Food Warehouse.

This is the first time ever that the world’s leading sports nutrition brand is offering customers this huge selection of pre-prepared frozen meals through a supermarket.

You can expect a plethora of delicious and nourishing lunch, and dinner time options. Best of all? The range consists of 15 low-calorie, high-protein frozen meals and snacks - starting from just £3.50, which is ideal for those on a budget.

Now how would you feel if we told you that you could get £10 back on a £35+ spend on your next online shop at Iceland - helping your money go further this January? Because that’s exactly what new members to TopCashback can expect!

Until the 16th January, new members or those with no previous purchases or cashback through TopCashback can get £10 back - so whether you need to stock up on essentials or want to try out these high protein meals, now you can for less. All you need to do is sign up here, and shop through the Iceland portal!

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Taking the ‘prep’ out of meal prep, each dish is packed full of protein. Ranging from 19g up to a whopping 60g of protein per meal, they are also low in fat - with over half of the dishes containing less than 10g of fat, and high in fibre as well.

Each Myprotein meal also comes prepared in reusable packaging, allowing customers to reduce their waste and tackle their own meal prep in the future. Pretty good right?

If you’re looking for tasty pasta options? Your mouth will water over the sound of the Myprotein Beef Lasagne. It’s prebaked with minced beef ragu, layered between egg pasta, topped with creamy béchamel sauce, sprinkled with grated Eatlean tasty 10% fat mature cheese. There’s also the delightful sounding Myprotein Bolognese Pasta, Myprotein Meat Feast Pasta - and for a healthy twist on classic comfort food, there’s also Myprotein Pulled Pork Mac N’ Cheese! All of these meals are priced from a budget friendly £4.

But pasta isn’t the only thing on the menu as there are plenty of other cuisines on offer too! Iceland and The Food Warehouse shoppers can look forward to the Myprotein Singapore Style Noodles (£4.75) which have chunks of chicken on a bed of egg noodles, cooked char siu pork, carrot, spring onion, red pepper and babycorn in a curry flavoured sauce. This is the ideal weeknight treat - warming and spicy for the chilly Winter nights, don’t you think?

And that’s not all, for chicken lovers? Our stomach is rumbling over the sound of the Myprotein range continues with the Myprotein Jerk Style Chicken with Mango, Myprotein Katsu Chicken, Myprotein Piri Piri Chicken and Myprotein Chicken Tikka Wrap.

And just when you thought Myprotein and Iceland were done, you’ll never have to skip breakfast again with the Myprotein Breakfast Wrap, Myprotein Veggie Breakfast and Myprotein Bean Wrap. These have all been packed full of favourite fillings such as halloumi, tomatoes, spinach and egg, meaning Iceland shoppers will have the fuel to take on any day.

They each come loaded with over 20g of protein too, so shoppers can start their new year health kick the right way.

So what are you waiting for? We’re clearing out our freezer pronto to make space for all these incredible meals that might just be our ticket for increasing our protein intake this January - and all year long.

Sarah Bradbury

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