Mum won't tell hubby baby's gender after he skips scan for chippy tea with pal

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This isn't the first time he's let her down (Stock Photo) (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A pregnant woman says she was left furious after her husband chose to go for a chippy tea with one of his pals, instead of attending the scan that would reveal their baby's gender. She went with her mother instead and is now point-blank refusing to tell him whether they're having a boy or a girl, despite his ongoing pleas.

According to this fed-up mum-to-be, her husband hasn't exactly prioritised their doctor's appointments, which he has previously skipped for reasons such as football or having a board game session with friends. When she's called him out on this, he's argued that, as he isn't the one carrying the baby, he doesn't understand why he even has to attend.

Mum won't tell hubby baby's gender after he skips scan for chippy tea with pal eideeidediqxzinvThe missed appointment proved to be the 'final straw' (Stock Photo) (Getty Images)

Last week, she reached her 'final straw', after her husband passed on the baby's gender scan at the very last minute after a friend invited him out for fish and chips. She admits she was 'livid', but decided not to 'make a fuss about it'.

Taking to Reddit, where she goes by the username u/Thrownoreveal1, the expectant mother wrote: "He texted asking me to tell him the results (boy or girl) but I refused to tell him.

"He kept spam-calling me but I hung up each time. He came home fuming demanding I tell him the results but I refused and bluntly told him that since he refused to attend the appointment then he gets no results til after the baby is born and said I was willing to die on this hill.

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"He went off calling me spiteful and immature for doing this and punishing him. He said he's the father and has the right to know. He then called me dramatic since I wasn't alone and mum was with me. I said he gets no results period."

After finding out what had gone down, her in-laws are now also piling pressure on her to 'stop playing mind games with him and tell him', but she has so far stood firm. Reaching out to fellow Reddit users for their thoughts on the matter, the unnamed woman asked whether they thought she was somehow in the wrong.

One person commented: "If he’s telling you 'I’m not carrying the baby why do I have to go to the doctor with you' that’s going to turn into 'I didn’t push out that baby, why should I look after it!' real quick."

Another advised: "My ex pulled this with our second child, and I caved and told him. I shouldn't have. You need to seriously reconsider this relationship. He's showing you that he and his friends are more important than you and the baby.

"He sees going to appointments with you as punishment, not as a chance to make sure you and the baby are healthy. Don't be like me and stay until he leaves you for another woman."

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