'My neighbours parked on my drive so I blocked them in - now they're furious'

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The man's neighbours were fuming at his parking (stock photo) (Image: Getty Images)

If you have to deal with roadside parking, then you'll know just how much of a pain it can be to find a suitable place to leave your car, especially if most of your neighbours have more than one vehicle taking up space against the kerb.

Those issues usually escape people who have a driveway, but one man has discovered that that's not always the case - as he came home one afternoon to find his neighbours had parked their car in his driveway without asking.

The man explained that he wasn't particularly bothered about the car being in his driveway, and thought nothing of it when he parked his own car behind it, meaning the vehicle couldn't be removed until he moved his first.

'My neighbours parked on my drive so I blocked them in - now they're furious' eidehiqdqikinvThe man parked his car behind the one in his driveway (stock photo) (Getty Images)

However, the man was then confronted by his neighbour the following day when it transpired that he'd blocked their daughter's boyfriend from being able to leave, and they were furious - despite not having permission to park there in the first place.

In a post on Reddit, the man explained: "I mostly ride a motorcycle, but I have a rubbish car that I keep for grocery shopping or really bad weather. I was out doing my groceries and when I came home there was someone parked in my driveway. It's really not that big a deal to me. So I parked behind them and brought my stuff into the house. I watched a hockey game. Then a friend invited me over.

'My selfish neighbour stole our parking spot - my revenge means he'll regret it''My selfish neighbour stole our parking spot - my revenge means he'll regret it'

"And I completely spaced [out]. I went to my garage that faces my alley not the driveway in front of my house. And I took off on my motorcycle. The next day I got home around noon. When I checked my mail I saw notes in my mailbox and on my car. I had trapped some poor guy in my driveway. I honestly felt bad about it. I moved my car onto the street.

"Then my neighbour came over to yell at me for trapping her daughter's boyfriend on my driveway."

The man also claimed that while he was home for four hours before he left to visit a friend on his motorcycle, his neighbour hadn't come over to ask him to move his car then because she didn't want to "bother" him until it was time for her daughter's boyfriend to leave.

He added: "I apologised and mentioned that I had been home for nearly four hours before I left and they could have asked me to move at any time and I would have.

"She said she saw me come home but didn't want to bother me until it was time for him to leave. And when they came around ten at night I wasn't home. And they don't have my number.

"I apologised again but now I feel kind of stupid because they were parked on my property. And they chose to wait nearly four hours. What if I was home but asleep? I think that it was kind of a d**k move to trap the car. But it was an accident.

"I think that they are jerks for not asking to get the car out as soon as I came home."

In an edit to the original post, the man also claimed the road he lives on often sees cars get scratched if they're left on the roadside, which is why he had no problem with his neighbour parking in his driveway to keep the vehicle safe.

Commenters on the post were baffled by the exchange though, as many said he shouldn't have apologised for causing an inconvenience on his own property.

One person said: "You need to stop being a pushover. Why would you ever be an a**hole for parking on your own property?"

'Neighbour outraged I ignored the door when they knocked - and said I'm selfish''Neighbour outraged I ignored the door when they knocked - and said I'm selfish'

While another added: "He parked on your property and they had plenty of time to apologise and ask you to let him out. It's common sense to not park in another person's driveway or on their property unless you are a guest of theirs and have their permission. Don't be a pushover and tell them if they park in your driveway again you'll have them towed."

And a third wrote: "They never should have parked in your driveway in the first place. Your neighbour sure has some nerve to be yelling at you after her daughter's boyfriend was clearly in the wrong."

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